The company ZPH Pobłoccy has been operating since 18th September 1991. It was founded by two brothers and it is a family business to this day.

We specialize in the manufacture of top quality mechanical components for all sectors of industry. At the beginning it was a small locksmith's shop, where all manufacturing operations were performed by the owners. Initially machines were set up in a garage, which was converted into a production shed in 1992. In the next years the company grew further, which resulted in an increase in the employment level. Currently the company employs 39 people. We have also a roofed finished goods warehouse and a manufacturing area sufficient for realization of production tasks. Recently our technology of work changed fundamentally. The production is now based mainly on CNC machines, which in turn enables a significant increase in the quality and accuracy of the manufactured elements. 2014 was a breakthrough year as the company moved to a new production building of 1100 square metres.

In 2015, a final inspection station was created and a professional measurement chamber was established. A year later, air conditioners were purchased in order to maintain a constant temperature in the scope of machining and maintaining dimensional tolerances. A program supporting the programming of SolidCAM numerical machines was also purchased and implemented. At the beginning of 2017, the ERP system was implemented in order to gain better control over production management. In September 2017, the machine park was enriched with another two new CNC machines: CNC lathe with DOOSAN PUMA 2600SY interceptor and DOOSAN DNM 5700 milling centre.

In April 2018, the place of the old Tokisawa TMM-250 turning center (production year 2003) took the place of a new Takisawa TM-4000Y2 straight from Japan (multi-task, two spindles and two tool heads + bar feeder).
In the same year, the renovation of the old production hall was also completed and it was connected by a tunnel with a new hall, re-arranging the production departments. The currently covered production area is 1600 square meters.
At the end of 2018, the CNC lathe department was enriched with two new machines: DOOSAN LYNX 2100LSY and Longitudinal lathe Citizen CINCOM L32 X.

In 2019, the company implemented a tool management system by purchasing two automated vending cabinets, "automatic tool cabinet". This enabled accurate monitoring of tool resources.

In the same year, the company purchased an additional Bomar Ergonomic 275.230.DG band saw, which supports the work of the larger Pegas 400 Profi A-CNC.

Another investment was the purchase of a DOOSAN PUMA 3100LY lathe for processing larger workpieces.

In the middle of the year, a CNC slotting machine of the Italian company CAMS 200 - ACT was purchased. In addition to the grooves, you can also cut gears.

In September, the company bought a rotary table, "CNC bench" TSUDAKOMA RWA-250L with a length of 1000mm, which supported the 4th axis on CNC milling machines. The bench and the existing dividing line makes it possible to perform several operations from one mounting while maintaining perfect surface angles and spacing.

At the end of 2019, the company purchased two construction plots with a total area of 1883m2 bordering the current company premises, which gave the opportunity to expand the production hall with social rooms and parking.

The owners of the company plan to move the conventional machining department to the newly built hall in the coming years. This change will allow the expansion of the details finishing department (grinding, polishing, numbering, washing and packaging) and final inspection. As the company grows, the demand for increasing warehouse space increases and the planned investment will meet the needs created.

The investment plan for 2020 includes obtaining the necessary documentation, creating a project and preparing the area for construction works.